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Just some observations...

Do not get Nicole and Vinnie suddenly being in love. Not that I understood her with Maxwell either. Moving on with the cousin...

Where did Sarah go? I didn't catch up with every episode when I was working in the States so maybe I've missed something obvious here.

I love that the paramedics are back - but I hate that they are trying to make Ula one.

I guess it's a bit the same of trying to keep Evan in it. The actor must be loving getting to kiss Kylie all the time.

Still couldn't care less for any Josh storyline, I guess the only good thing about this one is there is no way out for his character on this one so there goes the British representation! At least Roimata has no storyline right now and we're hopefully going to see less shirtless kissy smirky TK with Harper.

Also back to the suddenly - Boyd and Brooke living happily ever after. Do not get either.

Chris is a tosser

And is obviously really dumping Rachel because he's hot for Harper.

In other news, thank God Roimata's left that idiot Josh. I anticipate some crazy stalker action from him now, control freak that he is.
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take that sarah!

I am enjoying it far too much in the last 2 weeks that everyone has been telling Sarah what they think of her. Harper, Roimata and my favourite TK telling her to go to hell (and her face):

She is so insufferable - I don't understand why people haven't been telling her this for years! Was so glad when Roimata called her for the pot/kettle/black thing - um, let's remember you were kissing Craig on your wedding day to Andrew (oh Paolo I miss you).

But I am loving Henry. It's so good to see Asian representation on the Street again and I really like the actor.


Ula's being a little immature madam about this whole pregnancy thing "Im never telling my parents" um HELLO there going to find out when your huge anyway. HATE when people do that. Poor Evan, he's only trying to help and any girl would be lucky to have him. Shes so up herself.
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Well, I did find the finale pretty damn thrilling. Unfortunately they seem to have spent the entire budget for next year on that arty farty promo.

Dead Morgan: what's going to spin off from that, eh?

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Ok, I was happy that Rachel was back. But after the way she treated Gabrielle at dinner, I hate her. Gabrielle is growing on me.

And I've missed a few episodes, what is that guy doing in his room that is so dodgy?